1. Bally’s F2 Power Boat Championship – Valentine’s Trophy
  2. UIM P750 – International Circuit Race – Avani Resort & Spa – Bentota
  4. Thundercat P750 Speed Run & Junior Powerboat Training Programme
  5. F1 Powerboat Extravaganza

History of LPA

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), founded in 1922, is the world governing body for Powerboating. The UIM governs all Powerboating disciplines. The Lanka Powerboat Association (LPA) represents the UIM here in Sri Lanka, making Sri Lanka the 57th country to join the UIM. Our aim is to bring this exciting sport here, to enable the island’s community and tourists alike to develop skills enabling them to drive a range of powerboats and have the opportunity to take part in local and international races. Over the recent years the LPA has successfully implemented and run several powerboat training courses including a course specifically designed for children between 9 and 16 – Junior Propstar Powerboat Training Program.

During the UIM General Assembly held recently the LPA signed an agreement with the UAE Marine Club to develop powerboating in the region which will hugely benefit Sri Lanka. Following on from this agreement and the huge success and international acclaim of the Propstar Powerboat Training Program, the LPA is looking for outgoing, enthusiastic people to join the team of existing trainers to continue and develop powerboat training throughout Sri Lanka.

Friday, 9 th December 2016, ABU DHABI (UAE): H2O Racing is pleased to announce that it has signed an 'MOU' with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Sport and the Lanka Powerboat Association to host future rounds of the UIM F1H2O World Championship and the UIM-ABP Aquabike World Championship.


UIM PROPSTARS Youth Development Programme 1st Day at Club Bentota

Trainees as instructors gave excellent presentations showing a range of skills and interestingly very different styles all brilliant and very unique to each individual.

Wonder if there’s an element of competition creeping in really quite looking forward to tomorrow!
Learned many, many things and feeling very privileged to be able to learn skills at this level to develop an all-round awareness of water skills and etiquette.
We covered,
• Securing your boat for trailing
• Slipway launching with or without a dolly and slipway recovery
• Securing boat to a cleat bow lines and aft lines
• How to tow a boat and use of a bridle
• Propeller effect


The agreement follows several months of negotiations with Sri Lanka Minister of Sport, the Honourable Dayasiri Jayasekera and Prassane Ranaweera, President of Lanka Powerboat Association. “We are delighted to have concluded these highly successful negotiations that will give us the opportunity to expand our international boundaries to promote our racing properties,” said H2O Racing President Nicolo di San Germano. “Sri Lanka will be a spectacular location for our world championship events and will also further enhance our presence in Asia. And I believe strongly that working closely together this new association will provide the platform and opportunity for the country to promote itself to truly international global audience.”

International Thundercat Training and Valentine’s Trophy, Club Bentota

The event was organised by Lanka Powerboat Association, which believes that Sri Lanka is the ideal new location for powerboat racing, which is a fast, furious and a glamorous water sport. Their target is to promote powerboat racing in Sri Lanka, in order to make it popular amongst Sri Lankans and enable them to take part in sport events both locally and internationally.

A team of ‘Thunder Cat Pilots’ came especially on this behalf to train co-pilots in order to host the first-ever International Thunder Cat race in Sri Lanka. It was exciting to watch the local participants challenge their foreign counterparts in a fantastic game, speeding up at their best and surfing just meters from the beach.

History about to know  ‘LANKA POWER BOAT ASSOCIATION‘ …

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UIM History

Although it bore little similarity to our modem sport, powerboat racing can reliably trace its origins as far back as 1902 when the British formed their Marine Motoring Association.

By the following year, New York´s Columbia Yacht Club had formulated a constitution for what ultimately became the American Power Boat Association (APBA) and the French had formed their Congress of Automobile Boats. In 1903, the French ran a 62-mile circuit race on the Seine at Meulan and the 230-mile Paris to Trouville event, while the following year saw a race across the English Channel and an attempt to promote a Trans-Atlantic marathon. Gottlieb Daimler had been experimenting with single-cylinder internal combustion engines in Germany and America´s E.W. Graef developed what may well have been the first Deep-V powerboat in the same year that Britain´s newspaper magnate, Sir Alfred Harmsworth, created what has become the world´s oldest and arguably most famous powerboat racing trophy.

In 1907, a small group of motoring enthusiasts formed the Paris-based Internationale Motor Yacht Association and, after a change of name to the Association Internationale du Yachting Automobile in 1908, staged races regularly in Nice, Palermo, Monte Carlo, Algiers, Toulon and Arcachon until the outbreak of the First World War. Led by the Duke of Westminster, Lord Montagu, Baron Henri de Rothschild, Noel Robbins and others racing prospered in Europe and by 1911 the Americans had stepped in on the act by staging a race from Long Beach to Catalina Island in California.